Fabric Backings

June 2024:  Happy summer! Orders placed this week will ship out on Friday, June 21.

Most sleep masks have several backing choices, so you can pick the one you think will be most comfortable:


cotton flannel - 100% brushed cotton, slightly raised and cozy texture

cotton knit - 100% cotton, exactly like t-shirt fabric

satin - polyester with a bit of lycra, smooth and silky feel

silk - 100% real silk, made from silk worm cocoons, luxuriously smooth

rayon jersey knit - a rayon blend of man-made fabrics, very soft and similar to t-shirt knit, but warmer

fleece - always an option, but not usually shown because I'm afraid it's too warm for most people, 100% polyester fabric, thick, warm and fluffy


More FAQs: What backing is most common for kids? What backing is softest?  What fabric is best?

For all these questions, for kids or adults, the answer is similar.  The fabric uses for the back of the sleep masks are all soft, but have different textures.  Just about all backings are chosen equally by customers.  Some people would never want a cotton backed mask, finding it too warm or fluffy.  Some only want cotton, finding the slipperiness of a silky fabric unpleasant.  The cotton knit might be the safest choice when you aren't sure, because since it's just like t-shirt fabric, it's a familar feel to everyone.  Satin or silk makes a fancier mask, so if it's a gift, that might be what you want.  Cotton flannel is really soft to the touch, think kittens and baby ducks, but does have a slight brushed texture.


Is there REALLY a difference between the polyester satin fabric and the real silk?

Yes and no.  If you didn't have both fabrics in front of you to compare, you might think the polyester satin is a really nice silky fabric and you would be happy with it.  But compare carefull with real silk and it's apparent they are not the same.  Real silk is smoother, softer and well, silkier.  Polyester satin is a manmade fabric and can hold up to being machine washed and dried, though I recommend hand-washing all my masks regardless of the backing.  If you accidentlly put silk in the dryer, it might be require some effort with experimenting and a steam iron to bring back the smoothness and lusture.  For those who are ultra sensitive to how a fabric feels, or if you wish to impress someone, get the silk, otherwise the satin is a good choice.