Terms of Service

June 2024:  Happy summer! Orders placed this week will ship out on Friday, June 21.

About 99.5% of transactions are very pleasant with some really nice customers.  It's those rare events, with customers that usually don't seem like happy people in general, that I feel it's important to make everything clear.  I've bought handmade items and never thought about trying to return them or get some money back if it wasn't exactly what I had hoped.  I know it's a risk I take to get a custom-something just for me and I am okay with that. If you don't think it's fine, handmade items that you can't try on and return might not be for you.


By ordering from houseoflanguor.com you are agreeing to the following terms:

All sales are final.  Returns, exchanges, cancellations or refund requests by the customer will not be accepted.  LANGUOR reserves the right to cancel orders that may be suspicious or otherwise unreasonable.  You understand that you are ordering a handmade product with no guarantees or warranties.  Each mask will be different.  Pattern placements will vary.  Colors on your screen might not be the same as in real life.

You understand that LANGUOR has no affiliation with the USPS and cannot promise any order will be delivered by any certain date.  Estimates are only estimates.  You will not hold LANGUOR responsibile for delays or errors by the USPS, or any other factor beyond its control.  If a package is returned to LANGUOR by the USPS as being undeliverable, it is the customer's responsibilty to pay for postage to mail the order again.

In no case will LANGUOR ever be responsible for, or give a refund for, more than the purchase price of the LANGUOR product.