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10 Folded Card + Env, Florentine Lily


This is a gorgeous boxed set of 10 Rossi ivory folded cards with 10 matching, lined envelopes. 
The card is thick with a metallic gold border around the front, it folds open and is blank inside and also blank on the back.  The envelope is partially lined with a traditional Italian Florentine design paper.  Colors include avocado green, olive, lily yellow and a bright peachy-red on an ivory background with gold accents.
The cards are "double cards" also known as folded cards.  When folded closed they are about 4x6 inches.
  • Cards are 240g.
  • Smooth paper.
  • Smooth edges.
  • Envelopes are 100g.
  • Set is packaged in a box.
  • Card size is about 4x6 inches.


On these particular covers (see the last photo), they were a little heavy-handed on the gold powder in a few spots.  This is not a flaw, but considered part of the old-world charm.