LANGUOR is a very small, independent brand specializing in custom sleeping eye masks for adults and kids. 


How It Started

I stitched up my first eye mask for myself years ago out of necessity - to sleep on overnight flights.  I made some for friends and with a push from my sister, tried to sell a few on ebay.  They slowly sold, but if I made 10 and sold 6 in a half of a year, then perhaps if I made 100 I could sell 60?  Hmmm... Or if I made 1000 I could sell 600?  Or if I had a million choices I could perhaps sell enough to live off of??  And by the grace of God that's what happened.  The "House of LANGUOR" is my design house and home on the internet with my very own store.

My first masks were adult size for women.  One day a mom asked for a toddler version.  Sure!  I did an internet search to find out about how much to scale down the size of my mask, thus creating my child 3-5 years size.  The older child size naturally came next as well as the large adult size.  It took me longer than one would think to "discover" the hows and whys of an adjustable strap and now I highly recommend them.  I buy the hardware and sew the straps myself, it makes just about any mask fit just about anyone, even if the elastic stretches over time.


How It Continued

I started out with just cotton backings and with fear and trepidation started making masks with satin backings.  It was hard at first, that stuff is slippery and has to be pre-washed, dried and ironed before use.  I managed and then graduated to real silk, which is about twice as tricky to sew and prepare as satin and about four times as difficult as cotton, in case you were wondering.  

A genius friend said, what about organic cotton sleep masks?  And what about them?  Great idea!  Those are fun to make, and as I finish them up I always think/hope, now there goes a mask that will last five years or more with care.

You will see Bible verses around here.  I'm a Christian and thankful to the Lord for all the good things He gives.  I couldn't have a successful business without God's blessing and I hope that my customers can feel encouraged by these verses too.


What The Future Holds

Besides eye masks to encourage restful slumbers, I have "discovered" a few other beautiful things that will soon be turning up in the store.  This new product range fits in with my "slow down" approach.  You will see.  I won't stop making eye masks. Hey, it took me a few thousand to get good at them!  It's passed the 8,000 mark so far.  I have many, many fabrics not yet sewn into masks and show new styles all the time, so I hope you will be able to find something that fits your personality, matches your pjs or gives you that certain experienced jet-setter look on your next plane trip, or would make a perfect gift for that friend that's hard to shop for.