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The House of Languor is a small, independent shop featuring languorous products for an unrushed life.  Here you will find carefully sewn, made-in-the-USA LANGUOR sleep masks and luxury notebooks and stationery from around the world.  Based in Wisconsin, LANGUOR ships orders worldwide. 


Dear Customer,

Welcome, I am glad you are here.  I've come a long way since selling my first eye mask on eBay in 2014.  How long?  Over 10,000 eye masks and counting.  If you think that's alot, just ask my hands what they think about all the cutting and sewing!  Etsy helped me sell too until they got too big for their britches, so I "fired" them and moved to my own website.  You can still see all my reviews on Etsy.  Now LANGUOR eye masks are sold exclusively here at houseoflanguor.com where you will always find the best price - because prices are set the same all year long.  You won't see any sales events here or be bombarded with emails containing coupon codes.  I don't even have a newsletter, or club for you to join.  Just tons of beautiful or manly or fun eye masks to (hopefully) help you slow down and rest better or answer the question of "What in the world am I supposed to give this person?"  Thanks so much for your interest.





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