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Add Cat Ears



If you'd like your mask to have cute little cat ears, please add this to your cart too and your mask will be made with them.

Just about any mask you see in the shop can be made with cat ears, but there are some exceptions...


  • In very rare cases there might not be enough of your chosen fabric to include the ears.  One way to test this on your own is to add two of the mask that you like to your cart, if it says only 1 is available, that might be a clue there isn't much fabric left.
  • If a listing says in the description that the mask is already made, it cannot have cat ears added.

If you choose a mask that cannot have cat ears you will have the choice to cancel the order entirely or pick a different fabric.

Gift boxes, such as shown in the second photo, are optional and can be found here.  The pale pink cat naps mask can be found here and the black watch plaid mask can be found here.


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