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Linen Adjustable Sleep Mask, Scarlet


  • 100% linen front in rich red color.  This fabric has been pre-washed to bring it some softness.
  • Your choice of soft backing for the side that goes on the face.
  • Inside are two dark layers of poly/cotton to darken and one to add a small amount of cushioning.
  • Adjustable elastic strap for a precise fit with smooth nylon-coated metal sliders.


Sometimes people ask me for a sleep mask with linen fabric on both sides - and I ask them are you SURE that's what you want?  Linen can feel a little coarse on sensitive skin, but for those who aren't so sensitive linen is a wonderfully breathable fabric.  If most eye masks make your face too warm you just might want a linen eye mask.  For the best of both worlds, you might want to purchase a mask with linen on one side and then other softer fabric on the other, such as silk or cotton.  Then you can test out each side to see which you prefer.

LANGUOR has many more colors of linen sleep masks to choose from, you can see them all here.



Reviewed by T. R. on Apr 27, 2020
Very nice. Blocks out light entirely. and the black silk is incredibly soft and comfortable.
red linen sleep mask