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Wolf Sleep Mask

in: Animals



This comfortable and soft sleeping eye mask features a cotton fabric on the front side with a calming, nighttime print of a wolf, eagle and the moon.


  • Smooth cotton print top side.
  • Two dark layers of cotton/poly inside to block light and give some cushioning.
  • Your choice of soft material for the side that goes against the face.
  • Elastic strap is wide and stretchy.  Shown is the matte (not shiny) solid black elastic, also an option not shown is a dark gray elastic with a bit of a shine for a more feminine mask.
  • Pattern placement may be just slightly different.
  • In sizes for children and adults.

If you aren't sure about the size you might want an adjustable strap, it's an option available at this link.


Pattern placements may be a little different depending on how I cut the fabric for your mask.  Adult size mask is shown in the photo, kids' sizes will have slightly less of the pattern.