Holiday Shipping 2023

June 2024:  Happy summer! Orders placed this week will ship out on Friday, June 21.

Updated Dec 1, 2023: Please order by the morning of December 9 for USA holiday shipping, those orders will be all shipped out on December 11.  I will close checkout on December 9 and not open it again until around December 16-18, but then not start shipping again until Dec 20, which will may be too late for most to get their packages by Christmas.  If you live in or near Wisconsin you just might, but we never know just what the post office will do (or not do).  I will also not be able to answer questions during that time period, but will answer as soon as I get back.  For my international customers, it is never certain how fast or slow your order will arrive even if you are as close as Toronto, or as far as Sinapore.  I will do my best to make and send your order out promptly and hope that it doesn't take too long.

From October 12, 2023: It was summer last week here in Wisconsin and now mornings feel like winter, brrrr.  This happens every year so abruptly that we are all taken by surprise though we know very well what to expect.  Turning on the furnace heat is a reminder that snow will fly in soon as well as the Christmas season.  Who wants to rush around at the last minute?  Not me!  If you hope to have your gifts by Christmastime please order early.  The timeframe of shipping orders within 5 business days will continue too.  I always personally plan to make and mail orders out within 2-3 days, but sometimes more orders than usual might come, or other obligations in the rest of my life may take up some time.


You can always send me a message if you want more specific information! 


Coming soon I'll have a few new Christmas and winter-themed eyemasks in the shop!

Here is a sneak peek!


More already-made unicorn sleep masks coming too!